Shattuck St Mary’s School

  • Shattuck St. Mary’s School was founded in 1858
  • Location of Shattuck St Mary’s School: Mr. Faribo, Minnesota, USA
  • Age of students at Shattuck St Mary’s School: 14-18 years
  • Total number of pupils: 443 (322 in full board, 28% of students are foreign students from 31 countries of the world)
  • Type of education: joint (mixed)
  • Type of accommodation: residence (boarding house)
  • Language of instruction: English.

Shattuck St Mary’s School is differs not only in a serious, balanced and intensive academic program, but also with a special emphasis on the creative and sporting development of its pupils: creative teams and sports teams are considered to be among the strongest in the country.

The school was founded in 1858 as the Episcopal Missionary School (worked primarily as a military academy), and its current name – Shattuck St Mary’s School – was received already in 1864 in honor of the Boston philanthropist and philanthropist. George Cheyne Shattuck. Around the same years, in the town of Faribo, where the campus is now located, a women’s school began its work. Mary’s Hall James School, and in 1972 they were all merged into a single institution, and received the name Shattuck St Mary’s School. Today the building of St. Mary’s is intended for students in grades 6-8, while in Shattuck high school students (grades 9-12) study.

All students of Shattuck St Mary’s School are very persistent and motivated: they are in a constant competition, which prepares them for life in the modern community, for a successful and rapid career, for fighting for a place in the best universities. But at the same time, students constantly feel the care and attention of school personnel, educators and teachers: they are always ready to support in any new undertaking, to cheer up and give valuable advice.

For foreign students, the school has a special program for preparation and adaptation of Global Education, which works in conjunction with intensive English courses ESL (English as a second language).

Separately it is worth noting the fact that it was Shattuck St Mary’s School that became one of the first private schools in the USA where students were able to offer professional training in figure skating and other sports (for example, hockey, track and field athletics). For the figure skating department, Diane Ronine answers: she used to work as a director at the Colorado Springs World Arena, the world-famous training center where the best skaters of the world were trained (including American champion Ryan Juncke).

They strive to maximize the unique abilities and thinking skills of students, to develop independent and creative thinking. Mixed education helps to most clearly and fully manifest the abilities of each class, to quickly learn information: the strong help laggards and serve as motivation for continuous improvement. Theoretical classes, lectures and class seminars alternate with discussions, laboratory work and design, research, and online education to achieve maximum results.

In addition to the standard American program AP (Advanced Placement, 16-20 destinations), Shattuck St Mary’s School also operates other courses for gifted, successful students:

  • Honors Program: an accelerated program with distinction is taught to students in grades 10-12 who want to focus on specific areas of knowledge and sciences
  • BioScience Program: an intensive and advanced course in biological sciences will perfectly suit students who plan to study at the university on the programs of natural sciences and medicine of all directions (Minnesota Medical Alley is actively used). Students have the opportunity to participate in modern scientific and innovative research in laboratories, to practice at a local hospital under the guidance of an experienced doctor, to attend thematic lectures of neighboring colleges. Biology in general is considered one of the flagship, the most powerful academic directions in the school
  • Engineering Program: active study of exact and engineering sciences with a large number of practical exercises, solving modern scientific problems. Mechanics, electrical engineering, computer science, construction – all this is studied in a variety of workshops, scientific research and seminars are conducted with the best specialists of the region. This is an ideal choice if in the future the student claims a place in a prestigious profile university: MIT, Georgia Tech, Carnegie Mellon, Purdue University.
  • The Center for Academic Achievement, which helps children with learning difficulties more easily and more efficiently, quickly learn the curriculum and keep up with their peers. Special programs are designed for students with attention disorders.

These programs are taught in the so-called Academic Centers of Excellence – many pupils of not only the USA, but also the world dream of getting into them. It is very difficult to study here, but the results are stunning, far exceeding the national average. The school actively develops various platforms for distance learning, introduces elements of online studies, special e-courses, lectures, resources and books, teaching aids into the courses.

In each class, usually 11 people study, the ratio of teachers to students is 1: 8.5.