Private Boarding School McDuffie

  • Established: in 1890
  • Location: Granby, Massachusetts, USA
  • Students age: from 12 to 19 years
  • Training programs: middle and high school, US High School Diploma, ESL (English as a foreign language)
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Total number of students: 227 people (53% of foreigners, The hostel is 54%)
  • Type of study: joint (mixed)
  • Type of accommodation and accommodation: residence (board from 12 years).

MacDuffie School is an independent school for teaching children from 6th to 12th grade. Employees strive not only to give students a high-quality academic education, but also to instill in them curiosity, ethical principles, valuable social qualities, respect and tolerance, the ability to work effectively independently and in a team. Individuality, personal skills and abilities, the right to self-determination and freedom of choice are highly valued here. All pupils celebrate a wonderful friendly atmosphere of mutual assistance, understanding, a sense of comradely shoulder.

Approximately 74% of graduates successfully pass final exams (for points above 3, average score for SAT – 1620), 100% go to selected universities without any difficulties. Many students choose prestigious, rating universities:

Universities of Massachusetts
Simmons College
Universities of Boston
George Washington University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Wheaton College
The Suffolk University
University of Illinois
MacDuffie School is proud of its graduates, many of whom have become well-known and sought-after professionals. For example, it is worth noting the first woman who took the post of head of a large television company – this is Betsey Bernard, president of AT&T.

The institution supports high educational standards – it is difficult and very interesting to study here. Training groups and classes are formed by small (up to 14 people): so teachers can implement a personal approach, pay close attention to the achievements and successes of each student, closely monitor its progress. The modern methods and methods of teaching are actively used, interactive elements are introduced, in the lessons it is allowed to use a personal laptop – all this makes the learning process not only more effective, but also more interesting and comfortable. Throughout the campus there is access to WI-fi, electronic libraries are equipped, the latest technical equipment is used.

Schoolchildren actively develop the ability of critical thinking, independence, the ability to formulate and defend their point of view, the skill of personal and teamwork. More than 74% of teachers have academic degrees: they not only share academic knowledge and personal experience, but also motivate students to achieve high goals, instill a craving for knowledge. The ratio of teachers to students is 1: 6.

MacDuffie School occupies a fairly large territory (500 acres) in the heart of the picturesque Valley Valley, near the town of Granby, Massachusetts. The campus is surrounded by green woodlands, magnificent fields, lawns and glades for picnics. The distance to Boston is 90 kilometers, to New York – 300 kilometers, so if you want you can feel the rhythm of the big city, going on an excursion, enjoy the city, retail, entertainment infrastructure.