St. Paul’s School

St. Paul's SchoolFounded in 1856 in Concord, New Hampshire, St. Paul’s School is an all-boarding school for students in grades 9–12. The school offers a post-graduate year. Not only do all of the students live on campus, but all of the faculty do, too, which works to promote a close, spirited campus community. The community also begins four days of the week with chapel services. In order to ease the transition to campus life, each new student is assigned a “big brother” or “big sister.”

Classes are rigorous and implement the Harkness method; colleges with the highest matriculation of St. Paul’s alumni include Georgetown, Brown, Columbia, Dartmouth, and Harvard. Rather than having physical education classes, St. Paul’s requires all its students to play sports.

In order to make a St. Paul’s education more affordable, students from household incomes of $80,000 or less are considered full financial need.