University of Texas at Dallas

  • 4 Year
  • Richardson, TX
  • A Overall Niche Grade
  • 79% Acceptance Rate
  • $10,455 Net Price
  • 1240-1460 SAT Range

Freshman: Good school for academics, especially for technology-based majors. Lots of academic clubs, and also several for card, board, and role-playing games. There’s even an orchestra that only plays music from video games and anime! Additionally, this school has one of the best esports teams in the nation. It’s a great environment for those who are happy to be a little bit geeky. What’s great to me is that it doesn’t matter what religion you practice, what race you are, your gender or orientation, your political views, or your major; generally speaking, people are pretty inviting and will readily form small groups to play games together, study, or just hang out. It’s easy to find a home here even if you aren’t normally the social type because there are so many interests represented.