Stevens Institute of Technology

  • 4 Year
  • Hoboken, NJ
  • 40% Acceptance Rate
  • $40,770 Net Price
  • 1340-1500 SAT Range

Junior: Speaking of the current COVID 19 situations, Transition to online learning went very smoothly. They kept up very well with any covid19 patients and were quick on delivering any new updates on the current situation, including the issues of voting for the new grading system. All of my professors reflected this situation into the course curriculum right away. They made adjustments to the weight of the exams, lab reports, and assignments, etc so that majority of students agree on what they learn and required to accomplish for the rest of the semester. Zoom premium service was provided so I did not have any problem with working on 3-4 different group projects, and presentations in the month of the semester. The optional P/F system was very reasonable and definitely helped students to be adjusted to the new learning system.